Our 850m outdoor track and high performance rental karts will provide you with all the thrills and excitment of full sized open wheel racing at a fraction of the cost. Our individual rental packages are perfect for individuals or small groups looking for some groups looking for some fun on a sunny afternoon, or a change of pace from cottage life. Challenge yourself to beat your best time and set a track record!

Lapping Sessions

1 session – 10 minutes : $25
2 sessions – 10 minutes : $45
3 sessions – 10 minutes : $60

Session prices are per driver, discount on 2nd and 3rd sessions applies only when purchased and used by the same person.

Grand Prix

1 pratice session – 5 minutes
1 qualifying session – 10 minutes
1 race session – 15 minutes
Total : $65

* 6 or more drivers required for Grand Prix events, reservations recommended.

Team Enduro

1 pratice session – 5 minutes
1 qualifying session – 10 minutes
1 race session – 30 minutes
Total : $95

* 8 or more drivers (4 teams of at least 2 drivers per team) required for Team Enduro events, reservations recommended.

Prices include all taxes.

Conditions : Children must be aged 12 years and over (proof of age required and a participant must be at least 55 inches tall (1,40 m). no exception.

Safety warning : Even though we do everything in our power to make the activity as safe as possible using karts equipped with a protective outer belt, a track which meets the standards set by the karting federations and with rules and regulations which are put in place so as to reduce all risks to a minimum, karting still remains a sporting activity and as such involves risks that the participant fully understands and accepts, expressly relieving Le Circuit Quyon Karting, its employees and agents from any and all responsibility in the case of injury.